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Thrive with Ankylosing Spondylitis


The therapies that have helped me the most are the ones that I also practice - Health Kinesiology and The Bowen Technique. These are both very gentle therapies that help get the body back into a balanced state of being. The therapies assist the nervous system into a parasympathetic state which allows rest, repair and regeneration to take place.


My exercise routine now incorporates regular walking, stretching and strengthening. I have had to modify these activities and add very specific exercises for strengthening specific muscle chains. I consulted an excellent private physio for advice on the best physical activity for this condition.

Supplement protocol

I have spent hours researching the best supplements and remedies to address the specific issues that this disease brings. The protocol I have developed is helping me significantly.

How I can help you

As well as this website I also offer consultations using the therapies that I am trained in to help people who are struggling with Ankylosing Spondylitis. These can be conducted face to face from my clinic in Herefordshire in the UK or distantly via Skype. I also offer stand alone packages with more meal plans and recipes for you to use.






The Bowen Technique: 


There are many reasons why I think this is a great therapy for anyone with autoimmune conditions. I have been having Bowen for the past 15 years and it has always helped my body. Throughout this “health crisis,” the Bowen I received (Bowtech) from my colleague was the only therapy that put my body at ease. Bowen administered correctly is incredibly gentle helps put the body into the parasympathetic state. When in this state the body can rest, repair and healing can take place. Bowen is also incredibly gentle which is what the body needs when it is in a stressed and inflammatory state which is often the case with an autoimmune condition. In my clinic in Herefordshire, UK I have treated many people struggling with autoimmune problems, they have all reported significant benefits from regular treatment. I have also treated several people who have Ankylosing Spondylitis  to great effect. I also regularly treat people struggling with a wide range of musculoskeletal issues which seems ironic really given my own situation!


If you would like to know more, please see my therapy website:



Health Kinesiology:


Health Kinesiology is another therapy I practice and one that I feel is also great for working with autoimmune conditions. There are many reasons why I feel this is the case and I have seen first-hand how effective this therapy can be for people with autoimmune problems. Something I use it for extensively is for testing an individual for allergies, sensitivity to foods and there need for specific supplements, remedies, and other lifestyle factors.


For more information please see my therapy website:











Now that I can walk again, I am beginning to do more of this as it is a great exercise. I have started using walking poles and I think I will probably carry on using these as they’re great for balance and for using the entire body when you walk. I read somewhere that they take around 20% of the pressure off your pelvis and legs so that must be a good thing.


Before this kicked off, I exercised daily on my rebounder or mini-trampoline. If you aren’t familiar with this exercise google it. It is excellent as it is very low impact and an excellent way of getting your lymphatic system working. I am back at doing very, very gentle bouncing. It will take a good few months to be using it to its full capacity again, but I am determined to get there. The lady who started importing the rebounder I use (Supertramp) into the UK alleviated her Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms by using this piece of kit! If you’re going to get one though make sure you invest in a decent one and please start very, very gently.




When I was younger, I did about an hour of yoga per day! I have always stretched, and it’s always felt important to me. I stretch throughout the day, but I also have a specific routine that I do twice a day now.  There are so many fantastic resources on the internet regarding stretching. My best advice would be to start slow and listen to your body if it's screaming at you stop or reduce the stretch to what feels appropriate. 




Strengthening is so important too I am working with an excellent physiotherapist who has taught me some Foundation Training exercises to activate my posterior chain of muscles. I have been doing these twice daily for nearly 2 months and they have been a game-changer for me. The strength I have in that chain of muscles now is good, they also returned proper muscle tone and the appropriateness of how the muscles were behaving in conjunction with my body as an overall. They have a big impact on proprioception. Ultimately these exercises have helped me get properly mobile again. I can’t wait to learn more about these. 










Supplement protocol for Ankylosing Spondylitis 

As with all supplements and remedies you need to make sure you get good quality, clean products that do not contain fillers or starches. Even some of the decent quality products I was using contained starch, so I did a lot of research to find the best quality that doesn't contain any starch whatsoever. 

This supplement protocol for AS  is a suggested list that you could look into further for yourself. Individuals vary in their own unique needs for supplementation and indeed nutrition. I regularly test myself for the supplements I specifically need and my needs change over the course of using different products. When I work with client’s I test them for their unique needs and advise accordingly. Usually the list that is required is much shorter than this one.

 For more information on this including a full supplement protocol please get in touch. I offer consultations either face to face, via the telephone or via Skype and can test individual needs for supplements and remedies. 


Supplement protocol:

Vit D – Vitamin D is important for its anti-inflammatory properties, implications for bone health and to support the immune system. 


Vit B complex – I take a vitamin b complex to support my immune and nervous systems. 


Vit C – Vitamin C is supportive to the immune system and the connective tissue it also helps other vitamins and minerals get absorbed and work properly. Important as a precursor to collagen synthesis.


Vit K – Vitamin K is an important co factor to proteins for the bone building process. It is important to ensure that calcium is deposited into the bones rather than soft tissue


Calcium – This supports the bones, inflammation and pain levels. 


Magnesium – This mineral is one of the most important minerals on the planet. It is important as a co-factor to many other minerals, vitamins and as a precursor to lots of enzymatic actions within the body. 


Mineral blend –Minerals are so important to support the body in several different ways and are a precursor to a whole host of processes that take place within the body including the absorption of other nutrients.


Boron – I have started to use this amazing mineral which has implications for assimilation and absorption of other vitamins and minerals. It is very important for bones, tendons, ligaments and it has an impact upon inflammation and reducing this, especially the TNFa which is very much implicated in AS. 


Glucosamine –You need to take a good 1500mg of this daily. Glucosamine is very important in repairing cartilage.


MSM – Where do I start this is a wonder product? Every person on the planet could use some additional MSM in their lives. MSM or Methylsulfonylmethane for short is very important for so many functions in the body. It reduces inflammation by impacting on the TNF part of the immune system. It also helps with repair and regeneration. 


Saccharomyces Boulardi – This probiotic is used specifically to treat candida and Klebsiella.It basically populate the gut with SB bacteria which has been shown to be effective protection against overgrowth of both Candida and Klebsiella. I take this every day in an evening.


Pure source marine collagen - The collagen I am taking contains all 18 amino acids, and all of the 9 essential aminos, if I take this, I do not tend to use the L-Lysine or the Glutamine as these amino acids are present in the collagen. Collagen is crucial for the regeneration of connective tissue therefore essential for the AS protocol.


Fish Oil – Fish oil has beneficial implications for heart health, brain health and it also impacts beneficially on inflammation.


Acidophilus – Up until recently I have used a daily acidophilus probiotic blend to help digestion and gut health. Having good bacteria in the gut is very important. I have been using an acidophilous probiotic for years now and I believe it is another reason why my general health has been very good until this episode. I recently switched over to using Saccharomyces Boulardi as this is more specific for my gut health.


Garlic blend – For a while I took a pressed raw garlic juice to support my immune system and kill any virus, parasites or bacterial infections that could be lurking in my system and causing problems. Take garlic blends or any other anti-fungal / viral or bacterial away from your probiotics.


Colloidal silver – Silver has been used for its anti-viral properties for centuries, as with the garlic I am using this to support my immune system and to get rid of any underlying problems with parasites, viruses or bacterial infections. 


Bromelain - A high potency bromelain product is important for several reasons. The active enzyme extracted from pineapple is an excellent anti-inflammatory, it supports the immune system, supports muscle recovery and supports effective digestion particularly of proteins.


L - Lysine – Lysine is one of the 21 essential amino acids that are needed for various functions. Lysine is essential to many functions in the body, but I am taking it primarily to impact on any virus that may be lurking. 


Glutamine – I take this amino acid to help with digestion and gut health, I was taking this before my diagnosis but now knowing what I do about gut health and its relation to AS I make sure I take this a couple of times per day. 


Curcumin – I have taken turmeric for a while now and noticed variable differences in my symptoms. I then switched to a product that delivers 6000mg of curcumin, so it is very high potency. I have to say that in a matter of days I felt a significant reduction in pain and inflammation. I have however since stopped taking this on a regular basis as I noticed that the efficacy was diminishing. I now use this on an as and when basis.

The full supplement protocol including the quantities you need to take is available as part of the consultation with me. For more information on this please see the information below.


N.B If you are not having consultations with me re supplements please check with your own health care provider regarding commencing with any supplement  protocol






How I can help you


Free 20 minute telephone call:

I offer a free 20 minute telephone call or email dialogue to ascertain if the full consultation will help you. There is also an option to buy the meal plan package, details of this are shown below.



1 to 1 consultation:

The consultation is either offered as face to face or distantly via Skype. I will ask you a lot of questions, take detailed notes and using the therapies that I practice offer you guidance for going forward. The full consultation includes the following:


  • 1 and 1/2 - hour session either face to face, via the telephone or Skype

  • Full supplement protocol tailored to your individual needs

  • Access to discounts via the supplement companies I use

  • 7 days of meal plans delivered into your inbox after the session to get you started

  • Recipes for all dishes included in the meal plans


Contact me for more information.



Meal plan package:


This package is perfect for those who just want to purchase the meal plans and recipes as it includes everything apart from the 1 to 1 consultation as follows:

  • Full supplement protocol 

  • Access to discounts via the supplement companies I use

  • 7 days of meal plans delivered into your inbox to get you started

  • Recipes for all dishes included in the meal plan


Contact me for more information.










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