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Stress Re-set sessions

I felt compelled to create this re-set session to help people with their anxiety, stress and worry concerning the current world situation. I am a fully qualified therapist of 20 years practicing Health Kinesiology, The Bowen Technique and Reiki & Seichem.

The exercises that I will teach you are all easy to apply and can be used daily to help balance your body and energy systems. Use these before a difficult event, after a difficult event or interaction and you will get back into a state of balance quickly. I have been using these myself consistently for the past week and feel so much better for doing so. I forgot how powerful these tools are!

Sessions take place online via Zoom and are approximately 1 hour in length.

Session schedule:

· Grounding technique – we will go through a short meditation connecting you to the earth and higher energies

· 3 thumps routine – this short routine balances kidney and spleen energies it also empowers the thymus gland

· Thymus tap – the thymus tap balances the entire meridian system

· Zip-Up technique – zip up your energy so you feel strengthened and balanced

· AF / FE Points / Emotional Stress Release – learn how to balance the flight / fight / fear response by holding specific points

· Triple Warmer smoothie – reduce stress by soothing the triple warmer meridian which is responsible for so much in the body

· Endorphin exercise – learn how to flood your body with beneficial endorphins

I also offer this re-set session as a personalised face to face treatment from my practice in Herefordshire, UK. Please do contact me regarding prices for this and to book.

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