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Stress Re-set sessions

I felt compelled to create this re-set session to help people with their anxiety, stress and worry concerning the current world situation. I am a fully qualified therapist of 20 years practicing Health Kinesiology, The Bowen Technique and Reiki & Seichem.

The exercises that I will teach you are all easy to apply and can be used daily to help balance your body and energy systems. Use these before a difficult event, after a difficult event or interaction and you will get back into a state of balance quickly. I have been using these myself consistently for the past week and feel so much better for doing so. I forgot how powerful these tools are!

Sessions take place online via Zoom and are approximately 1 hour in length.

Session schedule:

· Grounding technique – we will go through a short meditation connecting you to the earth and higher energies

· 3 thumps routine – this short routine balances kidney and spleen energies it also empowers the thymus gland

· Thymus tap – the thymus tap balances the entire meridian system

· Zip-Up technique – zip up your energy so you feel strengthened and balanced

· AF / FE Points / Emotional Stress Release – learn how to balance the flight / fight / fear response by holding specific points

· Triple Warmer smoothie – reduce stress by soothing the triple warmer meridian which is responsible for so much in the body

· Endorphin exercise – learn how to flood your body with beneficial endorphins

I also offer this re-set session as a personalised face to face treatment from my practice in Herefordshire, UK. Please do contact me regarding prices for this and to book.

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I will add a disclaimer here to note that following this diet, supplement protocol and advice is entirely at the decision/risk of the individual and that accepts no responsibility for the outcome. The information provided here is based on my. research,  personal and professional experience in dealing with this condition to date. You should always check with your healthcare provider.

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